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Wellbeing Adjusted Life Years

A universal metric to quantify the happiness return on investment 

How can we produce the greatest happiness return for humankind? Would it be better to reduce loneliness, diabetes, or air pollution by 50%? 
The Happiness Research Institute and Leaps by Bayer have developed a new impact metric to help provide answers to these questions.


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A scientific approach to improving quality of life

The Happiness Research Institute is an independent think tank exploring why some societies are happier than others. The mission is to inform decision-makers of the causes and effects of human happiness, make subjective well-being part of the public policy debate, and improve overall quality of life for citizens across the world.

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Help us understand the impact of COVID-19 on our wellbeing.

Participate in our new longitudinal study which will explore the impact of the crisis on human wellbeing, and what can be done to mitigate the negative effects on our mental health.

COVID-19 Update
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The Good Home Report 2019

The GoodHome Report is a major new international study which has been undertaken by the Happiness Research Institute and Kingfisher plc. The report looks at the impact of our homes on our overall happiness and wellbeing. The study surveyed 13,489 people and conducted 78 in-depth personal interviews with people from across 10 countries in Europe.


A key finding is that the home is significantly more important to our happiness than our income or job. Size, location and home ownership have far less impact on happiness than we might expect. 

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 16.47.59.png

“A happiness report in the age of Corona”
Meik Wiking, CEO

Today, the World Happiness Report 2020 was published on March 20th, which is the International Day of Happiness. However, it does not take a happiness researcher to recognize that it is a strange time to talk about happiness. This year's report is overshadowed by a very unusual event: a global pandemic crisis.

March 20, 2020

Why are Finland and Denmark happier than the United States?

The Happiness Research Institute is featured in a mini-documentary on happiness made by CNBC Make It. In the documentary, Meik looks into the myth around suicide rates and shares his expertise on why Finland and Denmark are happier than the U.S.

Januar 10, 2020

Hunting Happiness in Denmark 

The Happiness Research Institute was paid a visit from the host of Spanish

television show El cazador de cerebros, Pere Estupinyà, for an episode dedicated to “being happy in Denmark”.

November 11, 2019

Creating Happy Cities 

At the Smart Inspiration Day conference at the Smart Cities Institute in

Liege, senior analyst Anne delivered a perspective that the “Smart City” is

the “Happy City”, in her talk “How to: Happy Cities”.

May 16, 2019

In Celebration of Happy Homes

Compelled by the belief that our homes shape our lives, we undertook a major

pan-European study to try and answer two questions: “What makes a house a

home?” and “What makes that home a happy one?”.

June 28, 2019

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