We help set and shape the agenda and improve the debate by sharing our knowledge on what drives happiness, well-being and quality of life.

We deliver insights on why some people and societies are happier than others, how we can convert wealth into well-being and how we may reshape our societies to improve quality of life and how we can measure happiness and subjective well-being.


We present globally and have been featured at more than 100 international events including TEDx in Copenhagen, The Change Makers Symposium in Vancouver, The Young Professionals in Foreign Policy in Bruxelles, The International Forum of Well-Being Policy in Guadalajara and Global HR Forum in Seoul.


We partner with cities, governments and organisations

to set the agenda to improve quality of life.

We have explored why some employees are happier than others, why Denmark does well in the happiness rankings and how social media affect the quality of our lives.


The Happiness Research Institute also conducts evaluations for philanthropic foundations to determine which projects have the best ability to improve quality of life.


What we ideally do is we follow people over time, and see how changes in life circumstances impact the different dimensions of happiness.


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We help shape societies and policies and advice cities, governments and organizations on how to improve well-being and quality of life for citizens.


Which policies may improve liveability for our citizens? How do we increase job satisfaction in our organization? Which concrete initiatives and activities could we copy from around the world to increase quality of life?


We have advised the Danish Government, the state of Jalisco in Mexico, the Royal couple of the Netherlands, The Minister of State for Happiness in the UAE, and the city of Goyang in South Korea among others.