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“Our mission is to inform and enable

better decisions for human wellbeing

through data-driven research”

Meik Wiking, CEO, The Happiness Research Institute

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Identify drivers of happiness 

We partner with public and private organisations to identify the drivers of wellbeing and quality of life. Based on quantitative and qualitative research and scientifically validated metrics, we conduct data-driven analyses to explore, map and advise on how to create better conditions for better lives on a local, national and international level.

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Convert wealth into wellbeing 

We design decision-making tools and carry out cost-effectiveness analyses to set new standards for resource allocation and impact investment. By integrating subjective wellbeing measures into decision-making, we equip public and private organisations with a common currency to predict, evaluate and benchmark their impact on human wellbeing.

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Implement Happiness Labs 

We transform companies and communities into Happiness Labs to facilitate positive change at micro level. Based on an intensive research process applying qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the unique cultural context of the environment, we study peoples’ behavior and experiences over time and design improved interventions to increase quality of life.

What we do

Developing a metric to measure the happiness return on investment (HROI)
Partner: Leaps by Bayer, an investment company targeting the breakthroughs that can change the world for the better.

Together with Leaps by Bayer, we are developing a scientifically-backed metric that measures the impact of a treatment on the well-being of a given population. This metric can be used to guide investors and decision-makers to determine how to best allocate resources depending on which treatment provides the greatest impact on happiness. The metric also shows which symptoms affect the well-being of a particular patient group most. The metric can be used as a universal KPI to compare which organization provides the greatest return to humanity.

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Implementing Happiness Labs: What it takes to become the happiest company in the world

Partner: Valcon, a global operations consulting firm

In 2018, we established a Happiness Lab at Valcon, which aims at increasing happiness of the employees. Continuous measuring and surveying of the employees including management enabled us to determine the key drivers of happiness among the employees. Those key insights help both the client and us to design interventions aimed at increasing happiness. Evaluation surveys are used to assess the effectiveness of interventions.


Exploring whether social media poses a threat for young people’s well-being

Partner: Nordic Council of Ministers, the official body for inter-governmental co-operation in the Nordic Region

We have examined the relationship between social media use and well-being for young people. Based on the analysis of both an independent study we conducted for the project as well as PISA data, we provided nuanced insights about the drawbacks and benefits of social media that are important for policy-makers to keep in mind when legislating. Our main findings are that social media use is per se not negatively impacting well-being. Different media platforms impact differently and we have to look at the individual use before we make any decisions about its impact.

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Exploring the impact that living with psoriasis has on happiness

Partner: LEO Innovation Lab, an innovation unit with the goal to improve the lives of people living with chronic skin conditions.

Together with LEO Innovation Lab, we have explored the effect of psoriasis on happiness and published our findings in a yearly report called the World Psoriasis Happiness Reports since 2017. In these reports, we analyze data from almost 80,000 psoriasis patients across 21 countries and investigate what factors make some patient happier than others. This work aims to facilitate the development and exchange of ideas and policy initiative to improve the lives of more than 125 million people living with psoriasis around the world.


Uncovering what makes people happy about their homes

Partner: Kingfisher plc., an international home improvement company with 1,000+ stores across Europe

In collaboration with Kingfisher plc. we conducted a pan-European study to understand the impact of our homes on our overall happiness and well-being. Based on surveys from more than 13,000 people and more than 70 in-depth interviews with people from across 10 countries in Europe, we mapped out which factors are the major determinants of happiness at home and identified the areas the organization should focus on to increase satisfaction with homes.

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