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Taking 10 Leaps for humanity

The Happiness Research Institute
& Leaps by Bayer, 2022

What are the potential wellbeing impacts of overcoming ten major health and agriculture challenges for humanity?

In this report for Leaps by Bayer, we seek to quantify the potential wellbeing impact of overcoming ten major health- and agriculture-related challenges for humanity: The ten Leaps. 

Traditional measuring of return on investment has left a significant blind spot when it comes to the influence on people’s lives. The WALY metric fills this gap, providing an evidence-based framework for assessing the potential to deliver meaningful impacts on health, environment, and wellbeing. 

As such, the WALY metric enables investors to make decisions not only based on financial returns but also on the potential to improve peoples’ lives. 

Taking 10 Leaps for humanity

Download report here

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