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Søren Buch Tange


Søren Buch Tange is an analyst at the Happiness Research Institute. Hecontributes with research and data analysis on happiness and the wellbeing economy for various projects. Using quantitative econometric methods, he analyses the drivers and effects of happiness on individuals and society. 

Prior to joining The Happiness Research Institute, Søren worked as a student consultant at the international and socially conscious consulting house. Apart from that Søren has been putting a smile on kidsfaces as a badminton coach for more than 10 years. His areas of interest are data analysis and econometric analytics. For Søren, the exciting part of working with data analysis from an economic background is unfolding various topics and discovering the causes and effects behind the patterns we see in data and reality.

Søren is in the last stage of completing his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

Søren Buch Tange
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